In the history and life of a company, there are times of change, consolidation, growth and succession planning.

In Foster all of this has materialized with such passion and with such awareness since 1985, the year of its foundation, where two brothers-in-law gave rise to what today has become a company point of reference in its field.

Currently the rudder is in the hands of Andrea, son of one of the two founders, who with great dedication continues the work begun by his father and his uncle.

Innovation, technology, quality materials and, above all, the strong connotation of craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail are the key features that have always guided the philosophy of their work.

A clear and simple strategy, which has never lost sight of the importance of maintaining a good relationship with customers, even after sales which is now enhanced by the choice not to relocate any production phase and being able to say with pride that the production is 100% Made in Italy.

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