Our Values

  • RELIABILITY: we are confident that the commitments made by anyone who has dealings with us is the basis for a profitable collaboration and growth.
  • OFFERING QUALITY: perhaps an overused word but not for us. We produce always convinced that quality should be the source of our future development.
  • ORIENTATION TO CUSTOMER: we want to improve the quality of life of our customers with products and interactions based on a perspective of trust and mutual respect.
  • RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: we have chosen to protect nature during the entire production cycle, using material from deforestation aware of and respecting to the maximum environmental standards in force. Each of our artefacts produces no emissions of substances harmful to health because the materials used come under class E1, according to DIN dictated by the European Community. In the painting phase we use catalyzed polyurethane lacquers free of pigments based on heavy metals and toxics according to EU standards. The use of recyclable materials allows each product, at the end of its employment, to be disposed of safely in the appropriate ecological zones. In the very near future, there is also in the making the use of energy from renewable sources.
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